CSR Strategy and Committee

CSR Strategy and Committee

CSR Vision and Strategy

With "Together for a Greener Future" as the goal of sustainable development, we proactively link our value chain with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We incorporate SDGs into the core of corporate operations, and formulate an ESG sustainable development blueprint and strategy for "green energy & innovation, and sustainable inclusion", and implement ESG in an all-round way.

CLC actively practices all aspects of ESG in our routine operations. Pursue a sustainable green future with stakeholders (interested parties), including employees, investors, customers, suppliers, government entities, and local communities.

SDGs and CLC's Sustainability Goals


ESG Committee

Valuing corporate sustainability, CLC led the industry to set up the CSR Committee in 2013 to be responsible for the formulation of sustainable strategic goals and performance tracking. In 2021, the Committee was renamed the "Corporate Sustainability Committee", referred to as the ESG Committee, to focus on ESG issues and continue to improve, working together with stakeholders to create a win-win situation.
At the ESG committee, the Chairperson serves as an advisory committee member and the President chairs the committee. The Sustainability Department is designated as the dedicated unit, along with six task forces in charge of implementation and the execution methods of material issues. These six departments consist of "corporate governance" , "environmental sustainability" , "employee care" , "supply chain management" , "industrial services" , and "social inclusion" . The most senior executives of each relevant departments serve as the commissioner of each task force. Additionally, in view of the environment and climate change issues, we established "Climate Change and Circular Economy Office" under our ESG committee, with President as the chair and the head of the R&D Division as the vice chair to actively promote the Net-Zero transformation related tasks. We actively consulted external professional organization, including Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation.  
The Committee holds more than two meetings for the formulation and review of strategic targets each year, and the Chairman regularly reports to the BoD on ESG issues and implementation results quarterly. The BoD identifies and reviews the Company's ESG performance and proposes for strategic planning and recommendations. Each department reports and reviews the impact of various issues and how to respond on the company through regular reports. In 2022, the ESG Committee held 15 committee meetings to establish the medium- and long-term ESG goals. To improve the expertise and constantly enrich the new knowledge in the sustainable management, the BoD has attended related training courses every year.