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Form & Packaging Materials



We established the Business Form & Packaging Materials Division Unit in 1981. It was originally Shan Fu Paper Co., Ltd. acquired by CLC on 1 January 2015. Product ranges cover all kinds of office articles. By installing the 7+1 color full rotary label printing machine, the water-based ink flexo printing machine, and relevant processing equipment, we enter the label and plastic material printing market to provide comprehensive professional services relating to packaging materials.

CLC Quality and Safety Certified CLC

We have also passed the certification of ISO 9001/CNS 12682 for quality assurance and ISO 27001 for information security from Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Bond papers

Gift certificates, check, securities, surprise bag (fukubukuro), and bill

Big data integration service

Data processing, printing, enveloping, aerogramme, multimedia output, and electronic file output.

Continuous form papers

10-color continuous form paper, blank continuous form paper, paper rolls, aerogramme, credit card receipt, EMS envelope.

Roll products

Parking pass, queue management ticket, ATM paper rolls, EDC paper rolls, thermal paper rolls, thermal transfer fax paper, electronic invoice paper.


Two-part uniform invoice, three-part uniform invoice, electronic invoice.

Bags and envelopes

Medicine envelope, Western-style letter envelope, self-sealing bag, pay envelope, surprise bag (fukubukuro).

Flexible packaging

Sanitary packaging materials and film wrapper

Labels and stickers

In-mold labeling, security labels and stickers, electronic labels and stickers, 3C labels, product labels and tags, personalized stickers.

Stationery and consumables

Copy paper, printer consumables, office stationery

Paper forms

Dish ordering forms, and carbonless copy paper


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