Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

We value our commitment to employees,
by building a happy and healthy workplace,
and creating a challenging work environment
suitable for sustainable learning, to grow together with our people.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

● Strategy: Provide competitive salaries and sound benefits to attract outstanding and diversified talents, and realize workplace equality.
● Goals of 2030: Raise the average employee salary by 10% of 2020.


CLC Manpower Structure in 2020

By the end of 2020, the number of employees across Taiwan increased by 40 persons to a total of 3,700 persons from the previous year, including 2,900 labor staff, 657 management staff, and 143 senior officers hired 100% from Taiwan. Due to the characteristics of the paper industry, male employees are traditionally higher than female employees, however, more female staff are hired in the production, technology, R&D, and marketing departments in recent years. In 2020, the proportion of female employees increased by 0.4% to 12.6%. Despite the significant gap between male and female employees, we always put competence first in talent recruitment, employment, and development and maintain equality and fair treatment of employees regardless of nationality, gender, race, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, marriage, and political affiliation. Therefore, no discrimination was reported in 2020.

Value Human Rights and Development Diversity

“Through fair and open recruitment channels, all employees are entitled to equal rights and benefits regardless of gender, race, and nationality, in order to protect basic human rights.”(Human Rights Policy)

Equal Employment

We constantly care and protect the equality in employment of vulnerable and related groups, by providing job opportunities for persons with disabilities or social limitations according to the “People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act” and “Indigenous Peoples Employment Rights Protection Act”. In 2020, we hired 40 persons with disabilities and 27 indigenous people. In order to promote multiple employment, we have set up the "Bonus for Indigenous Long-term Employment". In 2020, a total of 23 eligible colleagues have applied. Not only do we encourage the indigenous peoples to work in CLC, but also hope that employees can serve for a long time. In terms of workforce composition, most CLC employees are Taiwanese and we prioritize employment for local residents at individual production bases. Besides creating local job opportunities and stimulating domestic economic development, this policy also helps stabilize workforce. We only hire a small number of foreign workers for the vacancies (job openings) that cannot be filled by local citizens.


A Younger Workplace

For CLC staff, team and group leaders are the key milestone toward management. Currently, there are 386 team or group leaders in our junior management. As the paper industry is one of the traditional manufacturing industries dominating by male employees in the past, most members of the junior management are male, resulting in a ratio of about 12.3:1 in terms of male and female. For employees with seniority below 15 years, it takes about 7 years to become a team or group leader. Through our active transformation into a service industry and emphasis on expertise and innovation, increasing young people have been promoted to the junior management in recent years. In addition, following the rise of equal opportunity in employment, male is no more the only option of important positions. In the last three years (2018–2020), a total of 25 employees with seniority below five years have been promoted to the junior management, and 20.0% of them are female, showing a significant change from the past (2014-2017).


❙ Suitability and Retention

We respect personal traits and expertise in employment and salary is according to their academic attainment, past experience, professional knowledge and skills, and professional seniority and experience. To retain excellent talents, through transparent policies including promotion, transfer, external training courses and resources, and the excellent talent pool, we encourage employees to take challenges and training to become management assistants. Medium- and higher- level supervisors at different management levels can also enjoy additional benefits including supervisor health checkup allowance and vehicle purchase allowance. In 2020, there were 408 new employees, with an employment rate of 11%. The male-to-female ratio of new employees in all employees was 9.8%:19.8%.


❙ People oriented, Right People in the Right Place

Suitable personnel turnover is necessary for enterprises to pursue sustainable development. In recent years, apart from maintaining a 10% reasonable turnover rate, we constantly recruit new employees to bring in vitality and diversify. In 2020, a total of 366 employees or 9.9% resigned, in terms of gender among all employees, 9.1% were male and 15.7% were female. To effectively retain employees, we actively interview those filing their resignation and provide them with information about the internal job openings in order to facilitate the adaptive development of employees, reduce the impact of adaptation to job transfer, and to lower the overall turnover rate. In 2019, we began to conduct the online anonymous survey of the resignation procedure to discover, analyze, and review related problems and propose countermeasures, in order to provide a reference for the future amendment and adjustment of related management regulations or the welfare system. We value experience inheritance and the need for talent development. In 2020, a total of 20 employees reached the retirement age. During 2018– 2020, we hired 3 retirees as short-term consultants.


Listening to Employee Opinions

To build a quality workplace environment and realize the corporate commitment and policy, we value the opinions of employees and provide various channels for employees to express their claims, including the quarterly labor-management meeting, annual employee opinion survey, labor union, chairperson’s box, and audit hotline, for employees to freely express their opinions.

❙ Labor-Management Meeting and Labor Union

We hold the quarterly labor-management coordination meeting at each mill/plant to promote labor-management communication and strengthen a reciprocal relationship. We also have 2 internal labor unions (Chupei Mill and Hsinchu Mill). Besides the annual member meeting, the labor unions also hold the quarterly director and supervisor meeting to properly handle and follow up all suggestions made by the labor representatives at the meeting to respect and properly deal with the challenges and difficulties that employees face at work.


❙ Employee Opinion Survey

To enhance the organizational coherence and commitment of employees, in 2019 we began to survey the opinions of employees in Taiwan for the first time to systematically gather employee opinions and draw up improvement strategies for optimization. In September 2020, a second survey was conducted to further collect the employee’s opinions regarding the workplace employment, career development, and supervisor encouragement. The 2020 survey results show, employees have higher recognition of CLC’s welfare system, reward system, and salary competitiveness than the average of other surveyed enterprises. However, employees have higher expectations for salary and career development. Based on the survey results, the management also held a meeting to discuss optimization measures, prioritized them as the reference for the improvement of the company’s management system, salary, and welfare, and implemented related improvement projects. In the future, we will continue to interact and communicate with employees through various channels and listen hard to the employee’s opinion to pursue co-prosperity and growth with employees.

Salary and Treatment

Besides employee salaries are higher than the minimum wage, we promote gender equality and equal pay for equal work. As male employees are generally more senior than female employees in some grades and have longer overtime work, the pay is different between male and female employees. Every year we review company’s business performance and salary adjustment plan based on the commodity price. resulting in the raise of the employee’s salary for 14 years at 1.5–3% each year, and up to 3.4% in 2020. In addition, we have become a constituent the “TWSE RA Taiwan Employment Creation 99 Index” for ten consecutive years for our efforts in promoting the overall employment growth in Taiwan.

Employee Benefits