Waste to Resource

● Strategy: Increase waste-to-resource channels and increase waste-to-resource ratio annually toward zero waste.
● Goals of 2030:Waste-to-resource ratio up to 96%
● Implement the circular economy in waste management


Believing that there is no waste by misplaced resources, to achieve sustainable resource use, we adopt waste management in terms of following four approaches: reduction at the source, reuse, recycling, and flow management. The waste that the Company produces is general industrial waste without any hazard.

In 2022, the rate of waste resource utilization of 95.6%, significantly surpassing the annual target

Every year, we recycle a large quantity of recovered paper and implement waste-to-resource on the impurities contained in wastepaper based on the circular economy model and achieve the zero waste vision. In 2022, we recycled 313,169 MT of waste to achieve waste-to-resource up ratio to 95.6%, with an annual growth by 3.2%. Significantly surpassing the annual target of 92%. We will start the operation of the high-performance biomass CFB boiler system at Chupei Mill in 2023H1 to reuse process residual of all CLC mills in Taiwan to significantly increase waste recycling.

To accurately capture the flow of waste and ensure all waste is legally and properly disposed of or recycled, besides carefully selecting waste disposal and recycling contractors and periodically retrieving and comparing the actual quantity shipping to the mill/plant and the recycling quality at the plant, we also enhance contractor audits, including requesting contractors to equip the GPS on all trucks to trace and management the flow of waste.