Career at CLC

Career at CLC

Learning and Growth

Talents Cultivation Strategy

CLC’s talents cultivation strategy is based on its corporate philosophy and corporate vision. By combining with the corporate core values and annual policy, CLC starts various training programs together with the use of the e-learning platform. Through job rotation, foreign language rewards, continuing education subsidization, and internal core general education courses, CLC allows employees to extend the breadth and depth of work as the company grows to achieve multiple competencies.


Talent Cultivation System (Corporate Vision and Goals)



Competency training

We arrange various training courses based on the job openings or training requirements of individual units or allow employees to learn relevant competencies through self-learning over the CLC e-learning platform.


Level-based training

We encourage managers or team leaders to take internal or external training courses based on required competencies or knowledge they intend to improve at different levels within the talent cultivation system. There is no limit on the form of learning (including e-learning or on-the-job training).


Training for new administrative staff

In addition to safety and health education and training given by internal instructors or the e-learning, we also organize the orientation camp for junior administrative staff with lectures given by department heads and plant on-site visits for them to understand CLC’s vision, business strategy, quality and ESH policies, and functions of headquarters departments.


Talent cultivation

By organizing incubation-aimed training and career planning (encouragement of self-competency improvement), we cultivate holistic management staff through job rotation and on-the-job training in relation to the employee’s career planning.


Self-development training

Emphasizing employee self-development and regardless of relevance to job duties, employees may make full use of corporate resources to pursue self-development for self-growth through CLC’s existing allowance and reward regulations (e.g. On-the-Job Training Allowance Regulations, Club Allowance Regulations, and Foreign Language Reward Regulations).
CLC has established a sound cultivation and duty system. Combining with dual-track promotion system for professional duty and management duty, CLC allows employees to have the largest space for development in their specialty, capability, and knowledge. For any talents with potential, the company is eager to promote them to officers to take more challenging work.


The management has gradually paid attention to the trend of young officers.For specially talented professionals, we give them special promotions in order to encourage the work morale of employees.