Society Inclusion

● Strategy:Based on the vision of “CLC: Love Paper & Love Earth,” we integrated internal resources with “Cheng Huotien Charity Foundation” and “Cheng Loong Children’s Care Foundation” to engage in social welfare in terms of four aspects: “Secondary Forest,” “Care for Children,” “Social Participation,” and “Emergency Assistance.”

● Goals of 2030:Invest in social welfare > NT$10 million / Complete a total of 40 paper libraries.


Secondary Forest

Promote environmental protection, eco education, energy conservation, and carbon reduction for a sustainable earth.

While the use of recovered paper can create secondary forest, CLC devotes to promote correct paper recycling and resource reuse to the public through Secondary Forest Program. In addition, through various innovative activities, we have built diversified venues for demonstrating the circular economy, showcase the characteristics of paper and sustainable value of Secondary Forest to the public for a greener future.


2020 Results on Secondary Forest & Diversified Venues for the Circular Economy

The 5th Box War: Travel Across the Globe
Publicity of correct paper recycling. Promotion circular industry creativity and improvement of the image of the paper industry in collaboration with the EPA and Taiwan Paper Industry Association

> 25,000 particpants

Sponsored and designed the reusable and recyclable eco-package box for runners to contain the event’s souvenirs.

Used eco-packaging to reduce carbon emissions by 395 tonnes and saved 370 kg of plastics.

2020 Taiwan International Lantern Festival

Supplied Dandelion eco-friendly toilet tissues for use in toilets.

Consumed about 20 MT of toilet tissue to reduce carbon emissions by 116 tonnes and saved 400 trees.

“Wood Culture Festival” at Huisun Forest

Established the secondary forest experience pavilion and activity stalls to promote LOHAS in the forest through interaction with citizens

For ten consecutive years.

Love for Earth with Little Actions CLC hosted Recovered Paper SWAP event

To deepen connections with communities around our mills/plants, CLC constantly organizes internal and external paper recovery activities to deliver the message of appropriate collection, sorting and recycling of recovered paper. In 2020, a total of 1,602 MT of recovered paper were collected through the activities.



"The Box War" Building International Paper Landmarks with Students for Citizens to Travel Across the Globe

We have actively co-organized the “Box War,” Asia’s pioneering large box event, with the Taiwan Paper Industry Association and the EPA since 2016 to advocate zero-waste and enforce correct paper recyclingy through innovative and diversified event planning covering the maker innovation competition, labyrinth, and giant tour book.

One Book One World: Pouring New Energy for Paper Industry Innovation
In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we teamed up with the National United University and National Taiwan University of Science again to build the “Chronicles of Carton” to make giant international landmarks with the corrugated board to introduce the highlights of global circular cities and rethink a new lifestyle for the common good of the environment. At the event, we also promoted resource recycling for reuse to keep going together for a greener future. Every year, we participate in the “Box War” to promote the circular economy an implement the industry-academia project with colleges and universities, by sharing and instructing on the proper and innovative use of paper materials.In addition, digital technology has been applied to accurately calculate paper consumption and reduce construction errors to significantly reduce paper consumption and erection labor.



CLC Mill/Plant Visit

To conserve wastepaper resources, CLC implements full-scale “recovered paper collection” within the enterprise. Apart from recovering all office recovered paper, we encourage employees of all 11 mills and plants in Taiwan to recover household wastepaper regularly and promote wastepaper recovery after classification in communities and through various activities. Moreover, we open our mills and plants for agencies, groups, schools, and the public to visit in order for citizens to understand the process of recovered paper recovery, recycling, and reuse and to learn the need for a circular society through a plant tour and on-site machinery observation. Every year, over 2,300 visitors visited our mills and plants in Taiwan.