Corrugated Container

Corrugated Container


As an Asia-leading corrugated packaging manufacturer for integration of papermaking and paper converting, CLC has box plants in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. With advanced, automated corrugators and printing & processing equipment, CLC manufactures all kinds of high quality and eco-friendly corrugated containers, corrugated sheetboards, display containers, and paper pallets and provides pre-print service. By fulfilling the packaging and transportation demands of various trades through a dedicated team, CLC wins recognition of world branded customers for quality excellence & superior protection, professional technology, and unrivaled service. To cope with the rising demand for high strength, short delivery time, eco-friendly products with a delicate look, and small-volume with multiple lots, CLC offers innovative and value-added ODM services in addition to the OEM service in order to increase the added value of paper containers, fulfill the special needs of customers, turn product packages into a best marketing tool, and assist customers with optimizing logistics management and enhancing competitiveness.


Corrugated Sheetboard

Features: Even formability, sturdy corrugation, good converting effect.
Specifications: AB flute and AE flute for 5-liner sheets; A-flute, B-flute, and E-flute for 3-liner sheets; and customizable as required.

Applications: For converting plant to convert into different types of containers, boxes, and custom products.

Corrugated Container

Materials: Corrugated sheetboard

Features: Product cushioning and protection during transportation and outer package for printing and product publicity.

Specifications: AB flute and AE flute for 5-liner sheets; A-flute, B-flute, and E-flute for 3-liner sheets; and customizable as required.

Applications: For packaging all kinds of products, such as consumer electronics, electronic devices, electrical appliances, foods, beverages, agricultural products, fruit, e-commerce products, and industrial products.

Display Container

Materials: Coated Duplex board, Corrugated sheetboard

Features: Support photoengraving and become more lustrous and shaper after burnishing.

Specifications: AB flute and AE flute for 5-liner sheets; A-flute, B-flute, and E-flute for 3-liner sheets; and customizable as required.

Applications: Mainly used for packaging delicate products, such as gift boxes, medications, and cosmetics.

Paper Pallet

Materials: Corrugated sheetboard

Features: Lightweight, freight saving, load up to 5 tons; 100% recyclable, complying with environmental sustainability.

Specifications: Comprehensive models to meet different customer needs.

Applications: One-way demand of product exportation.


Features: Delicate printing and accurate register to prevent corrugated marks in post-printing; saving paper and complying with the lightweight trend.

Applications: Packages for long-term use in large quantity with fewer printing sides.

Technical Services

Total Packaging Solutions

To provide customers with better services, CLC combines group resources to launch integrated services covering papermaking, container manufacturing, packaging design, printing, and delivery. Through vertical integration of other professional services for quality, price, and efficiency controls, CLC offers customers a high-performance total packaging solution featuring:  

  • Dedicated service team: A single service window is formed by the sales unit, Packaging Design & Innovation Center, and Collaborative Design Center to provide design, sampling, quotation, and customer services.
  • One-point contact and distributed design and production : Ensure consistency in quality, structure specifications, and paper color.
  • One-stop shopping: A single stop for shopping corrugated packaging and all kinds of packaging materials.
  • ERP system: Ubiquitous control of production and delivery schedules.
Packaging Design & Innovation Center

In 1981 CLC established the first Packaging Design & Innovation Center in Taiwan’s paper industry to offer professional product and image packaging design service, strengthen the customer-organizational partnership with the design-in platform, and provide services for worldwide customers. The Center is dedicated to the research and development of new packaging technology, the design and application of material structures, and the enhancement of packaging energy and improvement of value-added service of products through visual communication.
The Center has won Taiwan’s first “WorldStar Award”, the highest honor for packaging in the world. Over the years, the Center has won 26 “WorldStar’s” and other domestic awards, such as the National Design Award, Good Design Award, Taiwan Packaging Star, and Green Star. In addition, the Center has been granted a great number of invention and utility model patents for packaging, which assure CLC’s packaging capacity.

Major services:

  • Packaging design: Container structure design, container physical property test, packaging material analysis, and logistics analysis.
  • Graphic design: Commercial packaging design, commercial advertisement design, image visual design, and event venue decoration.
  • Cushion packaging structure design: Container compressive strength test and impact and drop test.
  • Paper product development: Paper furniture design and paper cultural & creative product design.

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Collaborative Design Center

By integrating all pre-printing services including packaging design, pre-printing, computer-to-plate, ink preparation, mold-making, the Center offers one-stop and integrated services for effective cost and quality control to provide customers with more perfect and more professional services.

  • Packaging design: Includes graphic design and structural design to tailor packaging for customers with seasoned experience and expertise.
  • Pre-printing: Graphic development and design, editing and color separation, quick sampling, and film output services of packaging.
  • Computer-to-plate: Use of new computer-to-plate technology that fits all types of presses. Precision engraving technology presents the characteristics of flexo screentone and lines, suitable for use on all types of flexo printer machines and requirements.
  • Ink-Making: Using eco-friendly and water-based inks, we accurately mixed inks into colors required by customers with precision equipment and develop relevant formulas.
  • Mold-making: Computerized processing and manufacture of rotary pressing molds and flat pressing molds for corrugated packaging printing.
Dustproof and Pest-proof Clean Production

In response to the safety demand for product packaging of consumers and the growing trend of high-end containers, CLC established Taiwan’s first dustproof and pest-proof clean facilities at Tayuan Plant in early 2016. In addition to production line automation, automatic distribution of board corrugation and order printing, automatic paper feeding of pallets, and unmanned printing process, we strengthened the segregation of facilities and pest control devices between the working area and warehousing area, and improved protection facilities at the loading area (wharf), in order to provide safe and clean packing services for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and medical customers.  

  • Lightweight packaging: Material reduction, size reduction, easy forming, and complying with environmental requirements.
  • Material safety: Use of natural materials that are harmless to the human body and comply with relevant inspection standards.
  • High-performance process: Centralized, fast, and automated processing to prevent indirect contamination of packaging materials due to mass storage.
  • Zero-contamination products: Product wrapping management reduces or eliminates contact with contamination sources.
  • Storage protection: Dustproof, pest-proof, antibacterial, and moisture-proof temporary storage for products.

To fulfill the demand for just-in-time (JIT) delivery of global customers, CLC has developed the container e-management platform for effective integrated sales, production, inventory management, and logistics service in order to increase competitive strength. 

  • On-line order processing: Placing orders over the on-line ordering system shortens order processing time and enhances order accuracy.
  • Production schedule enquiry: Keeping track on the order status on-line enables full control of order production progress and minimizes order anomalies.
  • Delivery status enquiry: e-Storage and truck GPS show clear delivery status.
  • Transaction data enquiry: Customers can check the accounts payable and other transaction information over the network system.
  • e-Smart App: Enabling ubiquitous traces of orders and delivery status to optimize customer services.


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