Care for Children

Collaboration with social welfare organizations
For the education, benefits, and healthy growth of children
And the wellbeing of vulnerable children.


We care for children over time through the Cheng Loong Children’s Care Foundation in collaboration with NGOs and social welfare organizations. Despite the rampancy of COVID-19 in 2020, our care for children never stops. We continued our donations for children to encourage them.


”Let Trees Grow High and Let Love Fly” Scholarships and Grants

In 2007, CLC and the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families co-organized the “Let Trees Grow High and Let Love Fly” Scholarships and Grants to provide scholarships and grants for foster children studying at elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and colleges and universities with outstanding academic and conduct performance and a heart to progression in order to take care of their growth. So far, nearly 2,409 foster children can pursue education free from worries.
To encourage foster children and recognize the contribution of foster families, CLC carefully plans the award ceremony every year with comprehensive family activities for foster children to feel the most straightforward honor and encouragement, foster parents to take a break, and all of them to have an unforgettable and joyous memory.

Year Beneficiaries Donated Amount
2016 197 NT$472,000
2017 197 NT$572,000
2018 198 NT$572,000
2019 254 NT$652,000
2020 232 NT$572,000
Between 2007 and 2020, there were 2,604 beneficiaries receiving a total of NT$6,599,000

We Care! CLC Scholarships and Grants

To help economically vulnerable children and children experiencing sudden family change continue study without worries, timely lessen the burden from education expense of families, and reward hard-working and well-behaving students in schools in the neighborhood CLC mills and plants, we established the “We Care! CLC Scholarships and Grants” in 2015 to provide NT$2,000 each semester for aided or rewarded elementary school students to cover their tuition and fees, book expense, and other expense. By doing so, we hope that vulnerable students can pursue education and grow happily and students with outstanding academic performance or special talents can continue their development with the Care from CLC. In 2016, we have expanded the scope of funding to elementary schools in the neighborhood CLC mills and plants across Taiwan in order to benefit more hard-working students. Scholarship funds for the students of junior high schools were set up in 2018 to help more students nearby the plants.

2020 Beneficiary Schools Beneficiary children (Total) 5,397
Chaoying, Xihai, Neihai, and Wuquan elementary schools in Tayuan District, Taoyuan City; Fenggang, Xingang, Mayuan, and Fengtian elementary schools in Chubei City, Hsinchu County; Qixing, Yuemei, Neipu, Yuying, and Taian elementary schools in Houli District, Taichung City, and National Taichung Special Education School for The Visually Impaired...
Donated Amount NT$3,051,600