CSR Strategy and Committee

CSR Strategy and Committee

CSR Vision

Pursue “Green Energy & Innovation, a Happy Life, and a Sustainable Earth” For a better future with CLC now


CLC has remained deeply dedicated to social welfare for decades. In line with the corporate vision of “Caring for Life, Utilizing Resource Wisely, and Contributing to Society”, CLC is committed to the integration of corporate sustainability development into core business, and continues to deepen the Corporate Commitment, Environmental Protection and Social Participation. Moreover, CLC formulated CSR principles suitable for the operations of the company and its affiliates based on the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies. We continue to pursue the sustainable vision of Green Energy Innovations, Happy Life and Sustainable Earth to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


Key CSR Principles

Vision Strategy Goals
Green Energy & Innovation

Adhering to the sincerity and trustworthiness, we create value for sustainable management with stakeholders for the goal of becoming “Asia’s Green Benchmark Paper Company”.
❶ Focus on the opportunities and risks in response to climate change, create the optimal interest of stakeholders.
❷ Excel at technology development, promote product innovation and upgrading.
❸ Improve resource utilization, create a niche for the circular economy.
✔ Reduce GHG by 3.5% of the base year within 5 years.
✔ Constantly engage in R&D and environmental protection investments.
✔ Increase alternative fuel and energy ratio to 15% in 2025.
✔ Create revenue and maintain steady growth through the Taiwan cultivation and overseas development dual-track strategy, and coordinate with a stable dividend policy.
Happy Life

Build a fortunate workplace and work environment, develop a society of diversity and inclusion, and shape a society of a positive circle.
❶ Develop mutual trust and dialog, value information disclosure and transfer.
❷ Strengthen partner cooperation, demonstrate the value-added influence of the value chain.
❸ Respect and maintain human rights, value equal opportunity, multi-development, and labor rights and interests.
❹ Provide a friendly workplace, vitalize talents, and build a healthy and safe work environment.
❺ Sprout charitable activities, realize social concern.
✔ Set CSR assessment conditions for different categories of new supplies.
✔ Each year plan and increase 5% of principal suppliers to implement CSR assessment.
✔ Include younger staff in the management and increase the proportion of female employees.
✔ Zero occupational disasters, promote employee health.
✔ Each year add at least two paper libraries.
✔ Develop multidimensional training courses, cultivate employees with multiple competencies.
✔ Each year contribute resources to constantly engage in philanthropy and care for society.
Sustainable Earth

Practice resource integration, pursue zero emissions, build a circular production system.
❶ Uphold compliance and commitments, realize international initiatives and standards.
❷ Devotion to enhancing the efficiency of energy and resource utilization.
❸ Adopt high-standard pollution control measures, prevent the pollution of water, air, and soil.
❹ Emphasize water resource management, process residual material management and reuse, create a sustainable circular supply chain.
❺ Promote a greenhouse emissions inventory and PCDA management cycle to achieve goals.
❻ Increase low-carbon and green procurements, effectively recycle and reuse resources.
✔ Maintain recycled paper utilization rate at over 90%.
✔ Further reduce product unit energy consumption by over 1% more than the previous year.
✔ Constantly reduce process water conservation rate over 1% each year.
✔ 80% of recycling and recovery for waste by 2025.