Waste to Resources

Strategy: Develop more waste recycling approaches and increase the recycling ratio every year to achieve the goal of zero waste
Goal: Recycle 85% of waste by 2025.


The waste that the Company produces is general industrial waste without any hazard. More than 90% the raw material of the Company is recovered paper. In the past, the solid residues produced during the process with the recovered paper as the raw material were deemed waste and disposed externally. After making efforts for many years, CLC is dedicated to granting them more value by introducing the concept of circular economy and performing recycling and integration of resources on an inter-department and cross-process basis. Currently, the CLC mills dispose or recycle the waste that they produce respectively to reduce the waste year after year to achieve the resource recycling and zero waste goals. 80.9% of the waste was recycled in 2019.

Domestic recovered paper contains many mixtures. Though waste and emission must be reduced and the “Resource Recycling and Zero Waste” is the long-term objective of the waste management policy in Taiwan, the waste disposal cost is very high and only limited disposal approaches are available.  In 2018, CLC not only applied a tightened incoming standard of general wastepaper, but also assisted recycling service providers in their transformation and upgrading through promotion and guidance, and strove for improving the quality of the recycled paper in Taiwan to reduce the waste effectively. In 2019, the CLC Houli Mill installed the first “water content analyzer” in Taiwan to perform strict incoming inspection based on the moisture content of residues, resulting in a successful reduction of the residue rate of recycled paper.